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Nice Girl with Five Husbands (1951)
Fritz Leiber
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Contributed by "William E. Emba"

A man is unwittingly swept by a time wind 100 years into the future. He and the people he meets in the future--including the nice girl of the title--talk at cross purposes, but no one realizes it.

The children of the future mostly scare him, since they are so evidently brilliant. One child does not scare him, though, because she says dumb things like "one plus one equals ten" and chants silly child's nonsense syllables while skipping rope.

Eventually, he is swept back to his point of origin. Over time, he reads lots of popular science, but never connects the newfangled computer's reliance on binary arithmetic 1+1=10 with the girl of the future. And the narrator comments that he never notices that the generalized Einstein equations (given explicitly in the story) if pronounced directly, read the same as the girl's nonsense chant.

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GenreScience Fiction,
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TopicMathematical Physics,
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