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Holy Disorders (1945)
Edmund Crispin

Contributed by "William E. Emba"

Edmund Crispin, pseudonym of Bruce Montgomery is generally considered the last of the British high literate mystery writers. He wrote a series of mysteries starring Gervase Fen, Oxford don, highly intriguing in their own right as complicated mystery puzzlers, packed with engaging literary and musical allusions, plus quite a few wonderful parodies of academia scattered throughout.

In HOLY DISORDERS, a Regius Professor of Mathematics makes a brief, rather air-headed, appearance. In addition to reciting ``The Hunting of the Snark'', he mutters about calculus, and aids Fen by enumerating permutations.

Contributed by Anonymous

I highly recomend all the fen novels as mysteries.

(Note: This is just one work of mathematical fiction from the list. To see the entire list or to see more works of mathematical fiction, return to the Homepage.)

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