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Puzzles from Other Worlds (1984)
Martin Gardner
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Contributed by Vijay Fafat

This is the second collection of science fiction puzzles which Martin Gardner wrote for the Issac Asimov Science Fiction Magazine. The preface describes the book well (as well as the process of mathematical thinking and the process of logical generalizations when it comes to math problems):

(quoted from Puzzles from Other Worlds)

Since Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine started in 1976, I have had the pleasure and honor of contributing to each issue a puzzle clothed in a science-fiction or fantasy story line. The first thirty-six of these vignettes were published in 1981 as Science Fiction Puzzle Tales. This book reprints the next thirty-seven. As in the previous collection, I have added to the final answers some additional comments about whatever I think will most interest readers. In many cases these remarks derive from pleasant correspondence with readers of Asimov's magazine.

See also Science Fiction Puzzle Tales.

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GenreScience Fiction, Didactic,
TopicLogic/Set Theory,
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