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The Cypher Bureau (2018)
Eilidh McGinness

This work of historical fiction tells the story of Marian Rejewski, a Polish mathematician who used algebraic methods to break the Nazi Enigma code. Another work of mathematical fiction to address the same historical events is the film Sekret Enigmy. Otherwise, most works of mathematical fiction (at least those in English) tend to focus their attention on Alan Turing, a British mathematician who also contributed to the breaking of the Enigma code.

As far as I can tell, this novel by a Scottish author living is France, is currently available only in Great Britain. I have not been able to obtain a copy to read but I looked at the few chapters that are freely available at That portion of the book focuses on his education. I found them pleasing to read and sufficiently mathematical to justify inclusion in this database. I do hope to be able to read the entire book someday.

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Works Similar to The Cypher Bureau
According to my `secret formula', the following works of mathematical fiction are similar to this one:
  1. Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitemore (playwright)
  2. Sekret Enigmy by Roman Wionczek
  3. The Imitation Game by Morten Tyldum (director) / Graham Moore (screenplay)
  4. Sebastian by David Greene (director)
  5. The Amber Shadows by Lucy Ribchester
  6. The Bed and the Bachelor by Tracy Anne Warren
  7. Enigma: La strana vita di Alan Turing by Tuono Pettinato / Francesca Riccioni
  8. A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines by Janna Levin
  9. The Cambridge Quintet by John L. Casti
  10. Uncle Petros and Goldbach's Conjecture by Apostolos Doxiadis
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GenreHistorical Fiction,
MotifReal Mathematicians, War, Math Education,

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