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Nanny and the Professor (TV Series) (1970)
AJ Carothers (creator) / Thomas L. Miller (creator)

A handsome math professor gets the help of a magical British nanny in raising his adorable kids in this early '70's sit-com.

I actually used to watch this show when I was a little kid, but had completely forgotten about it until Bruce Reznick (a math professor at UIUC whose father was a TV comedy writer) reminded me of it. I am pleased that his character does not seem to demonstrate any of the unpleasant stereotypes of mathematicians that we see so often, but usually the fact that he was a math professor was not a big aspect of the plot.

Still, there are at least a few episodes in which this is relevant. In Star Bright, an episode unrelated to the famous mathematical short story of the same name, he is on his department's hiring committee. A key plot point is that the older applicant whom his colleagues are prejudiced against on the grounds that they need some "hip" young faculty turns out to actually be a cool guy, the author of papers advocating the use of computers in the classroom (in 1970!) as well as the author of some science fiction. In other episodes, the nanny helps a college athlete pass math and the professor is jealous of a young prodigy.

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