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The Lure (2007)
Bill Napier
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Once again, a team seeking to decode Earth's first message from an alien species requires a mathematician. In this case, it is Tom Petrie, who has a reputation for being able to spot patterns:

(quoted from The Lure )

"I'm a mathematician. Nobody understands me, I work on ferociously specialised stuff."

"What sort of ferociously specialised stuff?"

"I supposed you'd call it pattern recognition. At the moment I'm doing knots."

"You mean like in string?"

"Yes, only I do them in four-dimensional space."

"I can't visualise that. No wonder nobody understands you. Anyway, it sounds useless."

"Don't you believe it. I've found links with quantum theory and cryptography." He patted his canvas bag as if it contained the secrets of the Universe...

In addition to the quote above, there is a page describing Petrie's youth and how he discovered his interest in mathematics which is notable. Aside from that, the mathematics mostly involves him staring at the data trying to spot a pattern. In the end, the numbers one through four are involved in his final explanation of what it is, and there are also some icosahedra involved, but for the most part it ends up being more about biology than math.

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