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Summer Wars (2009)
Mamoru Hosoda (Director)

Kenji is a part-time computer programmer from a poor family who has never had a girlfriend. Aside from the fact that he was almost selected to represent Japan in the Mathematics Olympiad he considers himself to be a complete loser. But, when Natsuki, the most popular girl in school, invites him to her grandmother's palatial home to pretend that he's her boyfriend, he gets caught up in an adventure that shakes the world.

A few quick mathematical references include his use of "modular arithmetic" to determine the day of the week Natsuki was born and a paper he is reading on Shor's factorization algorithm, but the primary piece of mathematics as far as the plot is concerned is Kenji's ability to break the encryption keys of OZ, a Facebook-like virtual world that is being taken over by a malevolent artificial intelligence named Love Machine.

The animation, both of the real world of Japan and the fantastical avatars of OZ, is quite beautiful and the story is compelling.

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