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+Tiny Talent (1999-2001)
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.Most of the pictures in this gallery are from when Amanda was 4 and 5 years old. We thought the pictures were cute, and so we tried to write funny captions (which are maintained solely for their historical value). But, in hindsight, we can see the beginnings of the more mature talent she now exhibits...as well as an unusual interest in pregnancy and fetuses!
+Starting to really be an artist (2002-2007)
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.We gave up on the silly captions when her artwork got good enough to stand on its own.
+Middle School (2008-2009)
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.The Charleston County School for the Arts further sharpened her abilities.
-High School Freshman (2010-2011)
.This gallery features some of the pictures she has posted at her DA Gallery.

Narcissa Malfoy at the Manor

pencil drawing.

Girl and Dragon

pencil drawing.


"Yes, my original character is named Jerome. He is very clever, naturally gifted, and pretty good looking. Unfortunately, his guy-friends are kind of dark, but his girl-friend is really sweet, so it is all ok. Oh yeah and the name came from my mother's favorite children's book."


Amanda says: "I gave myself the idea, for both pairs of glasses at once, but this looks nothing like me. I didn't want it to. This came completely from my head, and I am surprised how good it turned out." But, I think it DOES look like her.

Draco Malfoy lounging


Two Girls

Pencil drawing.

Birdcage Wig

Based on a wig that Marie Antoinette owned

I Heart Peacocks

Based on a photo that Amanda took at Magnolia Plantation, not yet finished because she still intends to paint the background. Prismacolor drawing on watercolor paper.


Still life drawing of a prize ribbon.


Amanda took the photo on which this watercolor is based and then painted it for an exhibition of "small works" at her school.


Still life of glass bottles done from an arrangement set up by Amanda's art teacher.

+High School Sophomore (2011-2012)
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.Amanda has been making a lot of amazing art this year, but not giving us a chance to photograph or scan it. So, this gallery is extremely small. We hope to add more soon.
+High School Junior (2012-2013)
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.This year Amanda was required to produce only 3-dimensional art. Her concentration was on hats based on buildings that she saw on our travels, but there are some other amazing pieces here as well.